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Basic Grooming


This includes nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, bath, anal gland expression (upon request) and blow out.

Full Grooming


This includes a Basic Groom along with the haircut of your choice or a breed standard cut.



There is no way to completely stop the shedding as it’s a healthy process that’s necessary for all dogs. We offer regular baths and will rake out your dog’s undercoat to make way for new coat to grow. Even short coated breeds need their coats carded on a regular basis.



This is a process by which dead hair is pulled out either by hand or a stripping knife. It allows for new wire coat to come in while maintaining the vibrant colour and texture of the coat.

Cat Grooming


Basic or Full grooming (eg Lion or Barnaby clip).


Other ala carte services include: bath with CO2 tablets, teeth brushing, de-ticking and coat colouring.

*We also offer Show Conformation Grooming. Please call for a consultation.